Pettpaintings..........Art by Kay Prior 

I am a British artist living and working on the East Sussex coast where my favourite subjects are in abundance (rural landscapes, farm animals and wildlife), I spend many hours out and about with my dogs gathering inspiration and reference material for my paintings.

Back in my studio all of my work is produced with traditional artists materials and I employ methods and skills that I have honed with practice over several decades.

In addition to my original artworks I frequently accept commissions for bespoke pet portrait paintings, my clients often come via this website and live in far flung places so the majority of these paintings are produced with the aid of photographs that my clients supply 

If you would like to purchase a painting or ask me to consider painting a pet for you please contact me here or by e-mail info@pettpaintings.com 

For further information please use the menu on the right, or click on the quick links below to see examples of my pet portraits in a variety of media



Jack Russell Portrait
Tabby Cat Drawing
Foal painting